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Phase 2: 15% at WS 5


30 848m²




Metrum, KFDW, Spoormaker,
BFBA, Trafficon, Benatar Consulting, Tommy Brummer,
DHP Quantity Surveyors, E&A,
Prof van Graan

Foreshore Place

The existing building is being converted into offices and apartments.

Phase 1 is the Podium façade and Retail upgrade. The 2nd phase entails the upgrade of the office lobbies, lifts, a new roof between the towers, tower façade curtain wall renovation and construction of the new apartments.

The Foreshore plan was implemented in 1947 following the reclamation of the Foreshore area which resulted in the dredging of the Sturrock Graving Dock.One of the resulting new sites were purchased by the Trust Bank with their new head office completed in 1970.

The building was designed by the practice, Colyn and Meiring, and is inspired by the iconic SeagramBuilding in New York as designed by Mies van der Rohe.

The brief for the present refurbishment and upgrade project is to design residential apartments in the place of the former hotel, upgrade the liftsand lobbies throughout, renovate and upgrade the retail at street level and to provide a new roof over the section between the two towers.

This combined with the renovation of the curtainwall façade makes for an extremely complex project with the façade upgrade and external renovations strictly controlled by DOCOMOMO which presides over the modern heritage aspects of the building.

The project is scheduled for completion towards the end of 2020.

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