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5 800m²




Source IBA,
LDM Quantity Surveyors, Nako Triocon,
Nako Ilison,


The project has given us the opportunity of architectural continuity from the past to the present and the future life of one of Cape Town’s most iconic buildings.

Artscape required upgrades of the foyers, bars and front-of-house toilets to ensure the theatre is universally accessible to all patrons on all levelsand at all venues and is refreshed with new bars, bathrooms and interior finishes.

The entire project was delivered in a live environment with no impact on theatre and opera productions. KMH were the architects of the original Nico Malan Theatre Centre. This was amajor advantage to the architectural team who, in collaboration with Source Interior Brand Architects, delivered a prestige upgrade project on time and within budget – without any productions or patrons being adversely affected by the construction.

The most prominent new design elements are the bespoke carpet with its layered culturally embracing pattern, the new acoustic partition which can separate the Opera Bar and adjacent Opera Lounge into anew venue and the new ramp from Entrance 1 to the box office and lifts.

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