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4 000m²


Lazercor Developments


Aurecon, Lazercor, GMQS,
Ludwig Design Consulting,
Tom Esterhuizen &

Cecilia Square

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The Cecilia Square building has been designed to provide a comfortable, healthy and productive working environment for its occupants. Thebuilding has an overall environmental strategy which encompasses transport, health, energy, water and waste.

Energy consumption is reduced by the use of thermal mass to cool the spaces during the day. The diurnal temperature difference is taken advantage of by flushing cool night air through the building in order to cool the thermal mass of the building again for the next day.

Water is conserved by means of rainwater harvesting, water efficient fittings and the use of indigenous plants which reduce irrigationrequirements.

The building features cyclist facilities and easy access for safe walking and cycle routes through the site.

With the assistance provided by PJC, Cecilia Square has achieved a 4-Star Green Star SA Office V1 Design rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa.

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