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1 527m²


University of Cape Town


Fluid Projects, Spoormaker Cape, WSP Group, BFBA, Talani, Frontline

UCT - Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine

The demand for additional work spaces and research facilities at the Medical Campus of the University of Cape Town necessitated for the introduction of two new freestanding ‘Infill’ buildings.

The infills were built in the existing courtyards between the three wings of the renowned Wernher Beit Building thus integrating the intervention modestly between the existing heritage wings.

The two new freestanding buildings consist of a lower ground containing specialised laboratory spaces and two upper floors of open plan and individual research offices.

The design allows for the open plan office spaces to surround a central spine of cellular offices and meeting rooms contained by glass walls.

This design solution places emphasis on transparency and the visual connection to the beautiful surrounding heritage building.


Furthering this principle are the floating steel and glass bridges crossing a skylight lit triple volume between the old and new. By using contemporary building materials to very lightly connect to the heritage façade, an ongoing dialog between the modern infill and heritage structures is initiated.

Each office floor is completely furnished and follows a carefully considered interior design ethos to accommodate the demands of higher learning and modern research with flexible spaces and furniture solutions.

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