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The Stanley & Daphne Nkosi Foundation


Aves Projects, Leko Engineering, Tshebogo Consulting, Uvuko Civils, LAMBEU

Baragwanath Hospital - Hematology

The project is a design for a new paediatric outpatients clinic for Haematology and Oncology. The design intent is focussed on providing more procedure rooms and consultation rooms, a dedicated chemotherapy room and waiting areas designed to optimise the child’s experience progressing through the clinic.

The new clinic will accommodate 10 chemotherapy beds/ chairs, 3 procedure rooms, two of which are also isolation rooms, 9 consulting rooms and a social workers room. The spaces are created with the intent on providing patient areas to ensure a dignified spatial experience with the focus on natural light, legibility of the layouts and general healthy and inspired spaces. The aim is to create a space which feels like a beacon of hope to the patients arriving.

The Outpatient clinic has clinic twice a week. Each young patient is accompanied by one family member, and they can often wait most of the day, which requires a large waiting capacity. The request was that the majority of waiting area be accommodated outside, so that the building is not oversized.

Then the other days are quieter, and the staff does more administrative tasks. The building needs to be flexible enough to handle the large numbers on clinic days, but those waiting spaces should also be flexibly used for other functions on the non-clinic days.

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