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1394m² (Approximate)


The Childrens’ Hospital Trust


Meyers Summersgill Quantity Surveyors
Triocon Consulting Engineers
Kantey and Templer Consulting Engineers
Claassen Auret (Pty) Ltd

Red Cross Therapeutic Play Area

An inclusive play area aims to ‘provide a rich, inclusive play space where children of all abilities can grow and learn through physical, sensory and social experiences.’ Each type of play experience is crucial for a child’s development. Studies have shown that outdoor play spaces provide various benefits to hospitalized children as well as their caregivers and families.

As part of the planning process for the extension and redevelopment of the emergency centre at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s hospital, the children’s play area and garden were lost due to the expansion of the building footprint. The Therapeutic play areas project has allowed for a significantly improved replacement of the existing facilities.

KMH was tasked to design the therapeutic play area as a meaningful retreat, which normalises the hospital environment, and promotes a positive impact on coping and feeling in control. Outdoor play spaces offer therapeutic respite for both in- and outpatients.

Such play also connects children to an important aspect of nature - away from fluorescent lights, unnatural sounds and unfamiliar people that are characteristic to a hospital.

The play area promotes play ‘richness’ and an engaging assortment of stimulating landscapes for children of all ages to navigate.

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