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42 640m2 (site area) ,
24 702 (GLA)




Project Manager: Imbue Sustainability

Architects: KMH Architects

Structural/ Civil Engineer: Axiom Consulting Engineers

Electrical Engineer: E Consulting

Fire engineer: Specialised Fire Technology

Mechanical engineer/ Wet services: Shamrock Air CC

Bel Air Mall

Bel Air Mall is a fast-tracked tracked project and is currently in workstage 3 design development stage and involves a full revamp/upgrade to the exterior and interior of the mall. The project is divided into 2 stages with a prospect of a phase 3.

Phase 1 involves the relocation of existing tenants and a 250m2 increase in GLA. Phase 2 involves the aesthetic upgrade to the exterior and interior of the mall and phase 3 will involve reducing an existing large anchor store into smaller line shops, the accommodation of another large anchor tenant as well as a new entrance and common mall passage to the mall.

The exterior of the mall has been designed to receive new composite cladding vertical screens which in turn will create a platform for tenant signage. Along with the vertical screens, the entire façade is to be painted with detailed accents of metal cladding to create further interest on the façade. The outdated canvas roofs will be replaced with new soft roofs, all of which are concealed behind the new composite cladding vertical screens.

The interior scope of the mall involves hacking up all existing wall and floor tiles and replacing the existing tiles with new, of which will be enhanced with details of bronze trims and in some areas laid in an intricate triangular wall pattern.

Architectural features of the mall, to name a few, will include hardwood timber slats around the atrium openings, a suspended hardwood structure over the main atrium, timber detailing around feature columns, as well as suspended feature lighting around strategic areas of the mall. In addition, all ceilings are to be painted and the lighting of the mall will be enhanced with cove lighting, led strip lighting, and all existing lighting fixtures replaced by new LED lights.

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