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Azalea Residential Estate


The vision at Azalea Acres was to create a sense of place centred around
community values where residents enjoy life free from worries of normal
suburban life. Children can run freely in a child-friendly environment within
the safety of a tight knit community. You can relax at home, enjoy a game
of golf or retail therapy.
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Azalea Acres is located in the Paarl region near Boschendal and offers 50 bespoke residential units in a secure estate on the Paarde River and offers
a lifestyle.

Previously the site of an old farm, the brief was to retain the existing charm of the area with the design of the houses reflecting a ‘farm / country
lifestyle character’. The different units available have been designed with a contemporary take on the vernacular.


The carefully designed landscape incorporates a top-class golf course, waterways, large open spaces and numerous tactile features providing
fun for the whole family. It also offers a variety of facilities, including an equestrian centre, a retirement village, a hotel and a conference centre.
It also includes the Azalea Acres Village which offers a relaxing retail environment, a school and a medical centre / healthcare facility.


The development’s landscape seamlessly integrates itself with the waterway, large open spaces and offers amenities providing fun for both
children and the family.

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