Auckland Park Trust
Gadomski Consulting


Clifford Road Residences


Three new units were built on a spectacular sea view site comprising two three-storey semi-detached townhouses and a luxurious single-storey penthouse.


The client owned and lived in the existing house on the site. He wanted to demolish the ungraded and
dilapidated house and redevelop the site into a multi-unit luxury residential complex retaining one unit for himself and selling the balance.

Weighing up the zoning scheme and building development restrictions on the site, and being considerate of the sea views enjoyed by neighbours behind and to the side, the ideal
design solution comprising two substantial three-storey semi-detached townhouses with a single-storey luxurious penthouse across the top of
both townhouses took shape.


Each of the three units has two undercover guest parking bays plus a double garage, entrance hall and guest toilet, expansive living rooms, terraces and a private swimming pool with three en-suite bedrooms. All units enjoy spectacular sea views.