The competition is focused on the general CBD and immediate surrounds which represents the 110 years of our contribution to the built environment over the last 10 decades. We are asking for submissions to be no larger than an A3 format and must be a creative representation of the building you have selected. The medium can be of your choosing and can range from a physical built model, photograph, sculpture, painting, drawing, etching etc.

Submissions would need to be submitted by the 29th July at 12h00 to be eligible for consideration and will be judged by the Partners, Associates and a special invited guest and will be judged on the following;


  • Representation of the architecture

  • Creativity and process

  • Individualism and personality

Submission Summary:

  1. Choose your favourite KMH building from our CBD walking tour map displayed in our office or refer to our website.

  2. Use any medium you like to produce a creative representation of this building open to your own interpretation.

  3. Limited to an A3 format.

  4. Submissions can be digitally submitted or delivered to our offices.

  5. Competition closes 29th July at 12h00.

  6. Send your digital submissions in PDF format via email to

  7. Email subject line to read: KMH Student Competition 2022​ (followed by your name & surname).



Subject: KMH Student Competition 2022 - Joe Soap

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