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Windybrow Pan African Centre


By extending the gallery functions of the Colonial Heritage House into the new Pan African Arts Centre the project establishes a relationship with the Colonial Past and legacy of Apartheid with the new Pan African


The brief calls for the design of an arts centre that will be representative of the African continent and will address the social ills of the Hillbrow area while
becoming become a catalyst for urban and social regeneration.

The site also accommodates a relic of South Africa’s colonial past in the form of the 120 year old heritage house. The house is the last remaining remnant of the late 1890’s British colonial residential architecture.


The proposed Pan African Arts Centre will function as an arts, dance, theatre and events space to create a physical experience for all patrons to have a direct dialog with Africa.


The Centre will comprise of a multi-purpose underground hall with adaptable venues which have the potential to serve community functions as well as facilitate social engagements. 


Designed with the community in mind the roofscapes at ground level serve to facilitate social engagement through a multi-faceted landscaped deck,allowing the potential for individual as well as group activities to take place.

5 500m²
The Market Theatre Foundation
ADA Consulting Engineers,
Herbert Prins Heritage, Badat Developments, Walker Mare QS,
Protection Projects,
I4C Interior Designers, AKME Town Planners,
Pro Acoustic
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