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Corporate Park


Corporate Park is a warehousing complex in Corporate Park South located along the M1 motorway in Midrand. The site is 1.9 hectares in extent zoned for warehousing and light industrial purposes.

The overall development includes two buildings incorporating one coordinated
architectural theme which in turn creates a park within a park environment.


Each building within the Corporate Park complex consists of offices and incorporated mezzanine levels with the remaining balance of the building
area available for warehousing or light industrial purposes.

Corporate Park has its own unique identity complete with a manned security entrance gate and perimeter electrified fencing as well as high quality finishes of bespoke aluminium glazing, natural stone, boxed balconies and sleek plastered walls.


The internal design of the office components are also of high quality with ablutions and tea kitchens being carefully planned and finished. The warehouses each have two loading facilities with optimised footprints.

A key feature of these units is that they are designed specifically with energy efficiency in mind. This is achieved through the careful placement of windows, consideration of natural ventilation, the use of insulation throughout and low energy lighting.

9 500m2
Dickinson Projects
PROFICA Project Managers,
IBP Quantity Surveyors, Vstruct Structural & Civil Engineers,
TDW International Fire
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