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Grove Exchange


The original Grove Exchange building in Claremont was refurbished and renovated to include an additional 5th and 6th storey which provide spectacular 360º views with a new ‘Chill Zone’ for the employees.


The original ground and four-storey building in Claremont was designed by KMH Architects in 2000.

The new owners appointed KMH Architects to upgrade the ground floor reception area, existing lift lobbies and toilets on all existing floors, replace
all existing lift cars and add 5th and 6th floors to the existing building. The additional two floors were constructed with a lightweight steel structure and
an external double-glazed curtain wall façade. These new floors have spectacular 360º views.


The existing central atrium area was increased in height by the two new floors and refinished to create a dramatic new ‘Chill Zone’ including a new coffee kiosk constructed out of reclaimed material from the existing building. The parking basements were also refurbished. The street level pedestrian precinct was upgraded according to the City’s Claremont design guidelines.

The building provides a renewable energy source generated by 200 solar P.V. panels. This, together with other low-carbon footprint initiatives, enabled
Grove Exchange to achieve a 3-star rating from the GBCSA.

CT_4127_04 - Lightened.jpg
3 198m2
New Property Ventures
Brown & Barrow Projects (Pty) Ltd,
MAC McAvinchey Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd,
C I Pryce (Pty) Ltd,
David Ronaasen,
WAC Lift Consulting
Engineers, Urba
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