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CT_0105_01_red - Copy.jpg
75 000m²
Airports Company South
Africa Ltd
Target Projects, DT2
Quantity Surveyors,
KFD Wilkinson,
Worley Parsons,
Basil Nair & Associates, Keith Fletcher
& Associates,
Kwezi V3


Cape Town International Airport


The Central Terminal integrates all departing passengers in a new central check-in hall which links and incorporates the existing International and Domestic Arrivals terminals.
CTIA Central_AA_07.jpg


The 75 000m² Central Terminal at Cape Town International Airport was constructed to accommodate increased passenger traffic for the
2010 Soccer World Cup and beyond. Both International and Domestic Departures are consolidated into one check-in hall on the second floor. Security processing is centralized with separate adjustable international and domestic departing passenger compartments.

A curved floating roof spans the entire check-in hall and is intersected at its lower end by a dramatic
wing- shaped roof over the adjacent elevated drop-off road. The soaring interior architecture and finishes combine to theme the terminal with its context. The Ground Floor atrium unites arriving passengers from the International Arrivals Terminal and the existing Domestic Arrivals Terminal and gives access to the central plaza which links the MyCiti public transport system with the new centralised car rental facility and upgraded parking


The Central Terminal at CTIA has become an iconic landmark building for Cape Town with a strong image and identity reminiscent of flying.

CTIA Central_CT_0105_06.jpg
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