Noursepack & Fitzmaurice


Two warehouses were upgraded for the client to comply with current industrial market requirements.


KMH was selected to reinvent older generation warehouses in a prime part of industrial Cape Town to gentrify them to the current industrial market requirements.

The work involved the lifting of the roofs increasing the potential racking height to Distribution Centre
Standards, a new seamless concrete floor conducive for a larger load bearing vehicles, tenders and forklifts together with rack loading and the construction of new facilities and entrance canopies. The warehouses measure approximately 18 000m2 and 15 000m2 respectively.


The projects were a huge success and were executed on time and within budget for the client, Fortress Reit Limited.

CT_ 4129_01.jpg
1 800m2 and 1 500m2
Fortress Reit Ltd.
MLC Quantity Surveyor,
Bigen Africa,
Mac Consulting,
Keith Fletcher & Associates,
Infrastructure Solutions, C.A. du Toit,