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1 750m²
Pretoria Boys’ High School
MVW Consulting Engineers,
JSQS, I-Climate,
Pro Acoustics,
Wayne Fisher,
Leoni Botes Heritage
KE Design Fire


Pretoria Boys’ High - Media Centre


Pretoria Boys’ High is a traditional boys’ school in Gauteng with an enrolment of 1600 pupils which makes it the largest boys’ school in South Africa. KMH was invited to propose a new innovative design for its assembly hall and library to enhance the students’ resource and schooling experience.


The Pretoria Boys’ High School Media Centre proposal includes further redevelopment of the existing students’ library and the addition of a new music centre.

The key for the new hall, student library and music centre was to create spaces that possess the capacity to be flexible to new and different uses over time instead of developing a standalone building.

The new hall and library spaces are stitched together via the use of a semi-enclosed atrium performing as a transition threshold between the
buildings. In addition, the atrium space provides environmental control, a comfortable gathering space and is a suitable venue for exhibition events.


The conceptual approach and connection of the library and music centre is grounded in the evolution of the re-designed hall / auditorium space. It contains strong links that transition pupils between the renovated hall and media and arts centre.

The design is flexible enough to be able to adapt to support new curricula or uses in the future.

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