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CTIA Slow Lounge



Comair (which operates British Airways domestic and regional flights) re-appointed us in collaboration with Tonic Interiors to redesign and enlarge the existing Slow Lounge we had
completed for them in 2010 in the Domestic Departures Terminal at Cape Town international Airport.

The architectural concept extended the existing double-volume curved terminal roof out over an existing lower flat roof section of the lounge to maximise the expanded lounge area over two floors using the existing vertical circulation.


This expanded upper floor was wrapped with an extended double glazed facade to augment the 2000 panoramic view enjoyed throughout
the lounge and most of the luxury private bathrooms.

The interior design was updated and new soft furnishings introduced throughout. The result is a spectacular premium airline lounge with roof top
bar and state-of-the-art facilities which exceeds the highest global standards.

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