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Thulamahashe Plaza


Thulamahashe Plaza re-development entails the expansion and new additions to the existing shopping centre including the improvement of the existing taxi rank and traders’ stalls. The plaza is distinguished by its open-air concept with a linear spine mall semi-covered walkways.

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Thulamahashe Plaza is situated in an existing centre in Thulamahashe Township, Mpumalanga. Portions of the existing centre needed to be demolished. The overall lettable area provided amounts to 2 1670m². This is achieved by creating strong axial links through the existing centre and strong legibility of its anchors and entrance hierarchy.

This open-air shopping experience allows good natural lighting. A 12m wide corridor allows for easy movement of shoppers and the existing centre has been upgraded to match the new built finishes. This includes the three existing secondary towers which match the new towers, adhering to the client’s branding and unifies the centre’s image.


The main feed of foot traffic is achieved via a major taxi rank hub which is situated directly adjacent to the mall. New taxi rank offices were built and a formalised boardroom for larger meetings was incorporated. The trader community in this area is vital and the client has added 50 additional formalised stalls to assist the trading community.

14 000m2
MLC Quantity Surveyors,
BFH Project Managers,
Sutherland Engineers, CKR Consulting
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