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V&A Woolworths Extension


A new retail level will be introduced in the basement below the Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre. An entrance lobby, connected to a redesigned atrium above, will activate a large shop extension to Woolworths (now to be trading across three floors) as well as a sub-anchor and additional line stores.
15 V&A Atrium.jpg


Set in the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, the Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre is one of South Africa’s most visited shopping destinations. As a result, there is much appetite to introduce additional retail space, in particular for Woolworths who want to create a flagship ‘superstore’ in their Waterfront location.

The brief for his project is, therefore, to create an additional retail level for Woolworths in the basement parking garage below their current store. To activate this level, a new entrance lobby off the parking will be created, with an additional sub-anchor tenant and smaller line stores pinwheeling
off it.


In order to make a three-level retail model work, strong sight lines between floors are essential. The intention is to open up the current atrium space by removing visual clutter and bridge elements and reinventing the void.As a result, the visual link between floors will be reinforced, encouraging footfall across all levels, thus aiding the success of the retailers across all floors.

23 V&A Atrium.jpg
29 V&A Atrium.jpg
27 V&A Atrium.jpg
01 V&A Atrium.jpg
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07 V&A Atrium.jpg
± 5 400m²
V&A Waterfront Holdings
(Pty) Ltd.
LH Consulting Engineers,
Design It Green,
KLS Consulting Engineers,
WSP Building Services Africa,
Solution Station,
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