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20 000m²


Stellenbosch University Facilities Management


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Stellenbosch University - Civil Engineering Department Refurbishment

The existing Department of Civil Engineering at Stellenbosch University Faculty of Engineering is being completely modernised with state-of-the-art teaching, research, student and administrative facilities - all supported with up-to-date digital technology. The architecture continues the considered and detailed design approach, both soft and hard, rough and refined of the recently completed and linked New Pavement Laboratory.

Phase 1 of this project is the recently completed New Pavement Laboratory into which all the harsh crushing, vibrating and large-scale concrete, bitumen, and asphalt testing laboratories have moved along with their academic staff and students. The balance of the Civil Engineering department relocated temporarily into the recently completed Decanting Building to allow Phase 2 to start.

Phase 2 reconfigures this freed up space in the existing building with 6 new state-of-the-art lecture theatres of different capacities, new teaching, research, student and administrative facilities, academic staff offices and a mix of research laboratory spaces.

Services align with current technology and climate change impact but can adapt over the life cycle of the building. The new sun screening applied to the existing elevations adds to energy efficiency while giving the building a strong new identity.


The considered and detailed design approach used in Phase 1 is continued through Phase 2 complemented by the interior finishes which bring colour, identity and freshness to the new spaces.

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